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General”  Hafeezah discovered the need for early investigative assessment tools for singles, thus, she authored Before You Say, “I DO!”, His &Hers.  A critical and indispensable tool for Singles, and/or anyone contemplating marriage or long-term relationships.

An ordained Minister, Wedding Officiant, Gold Seal Certified; Dianetics Auditor, Clairvoyant and Premarital Coaching Consultant, General Hafeezah is a well-known inspirational speaker who travels the globe giving lectures and workshops for singles and couples in preparation for marriage, being a staunch advocate for the benefits that marriage brings to the community.

“General”  Hafeezah visits church groups and organizations setting up Singles Ministry Programs for the purposes of developing wholesome entertainment and activities that will foster acquaintanceship’s that lead to marriage.

Atlanta’s former radio talk show host of the popular segment “No Excuses”, “General” Hafeezah, known as “The Relationship Guru”, has entertained audiences from 8-8O.  Her military style of commanding forth the higher power of the inner-self has earned her the title of “General” once bestowed upon her by renowned Motivational Speaker, Les brown.

Everything about her lectures will bring you to a better awareness and desire to achieve your highest potential.

A powerful speaker, her abilities as a clairvoyant medium, has astounded audiences with phenomenal accuracy.

“General” Hafeezah is also the founder of Which hosts speakers and programs for youth and young adults for community development and is well known for her accomplishments in sponsoring singles events for all ages, which has culminated in numerous marriages.

Correspondingly, her Cultural Diversity Workshops and Seminars focus on training for corporations, individuals or businesses who desire to bring their staff up to speed on the need for sensitivity in this ever-changing cultural experience while bolstering the ability and confidence to conduct business in a diverse marketplace and workforce.

Ladies and Gentleman… “General” Hafeezah

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