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Before You Say I Do Questions 404-441-7686

Before You Say I Do Questions 901-267-4887


Before You Say I Do Questions


Are you looking for questions to ask your fiance before you 
say “I Do”?

Are you looking for the man or woman of your dreams?

Do you think you may have found “The One”  but you just want to be

Get professional Dianetics Auditing Before Getting Married

Be sure to call me today and order the workbook set, Before You
Say, “I Do!”,  His/Hers

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Features: over 300 questions you need to ask your intended before making a commitment, along with space to write out the answers.

Perfect for dating, and courting couples, conversation instruction, and marriage preparation training, engagement gifts, and help for young marriages with communication problems.

This two-book, His/Hers Workbook Set, is just the right tool for getting to know your beloved before you marry.

You asked and they have answered, but now let your intended take time and fill out their workbook so you may gain an even better insight.

Afterwards, trade the books and read in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure, what your mate has to say about…Marriage, Sex, Money, Family History, Past Relationships, Children and other subjects.

An excellent set of manuals used by Pastors, Ministers, Priest, Rabbi’s, Imams’ and Clergy for premarital counseling.

Whether you are dating, courting or engaged; you DO NOT want to move forward without this indispensable tool.